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Welcome to Liti-Link - Litigation Funding made easy

A Swiss company specialising in retrocession recovery, litigation cost financing and claim management

We are a service provider from Switzerland specializing in claims management which asserts and successfully carries out legitimate, financial claims against companies. Since our foundation in 2017, we have focused on the recovery of unlawfully withheld retrocessions. Furthermore, we also offer litigation funding.

With our innovative product "Retro-Back", we support our clients in reclaiming retrocessions from their banks and/or asset managers. Liti-Link works on a pure success-sharing basis. For our clients, this means that Liti-Link takes care of the reclaim process. The cost risk is borne 100% by Liti-Link.

Liti-Link has an experienced team with long years of experience in claim management and a broad partnership network of law firms in Switzerland, Liechtenstein and Germany. We use standardised and certified IT processes that are lean, digital and secure while guaranteeing complete confidentiality at all times. The security of your data is of utmost importance.

The company name Liti-Link is a combination of the words LITIGATION and LINK. As a litigation funding company, we provide our clients the opportunity to enforce their claims in litigation or arbitration. We are the LINK to successful litigation funding, thus enforcing claims. As a client you will minimise your cost and procedural risk. You will secure financial leeway for yourself, thus your negotiating position. As a litigation funder, Liti-Link is your shortcut to successful and worry-free enforcement of your claims.

Liti-Link provides its customers with smart solutions. We do not regard ourselves as classic litigation funders.
Hubert Schwärzler, CEO