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25.05.2024 /TagesAnzeiger

Bank bevorzugen, die Retro­zessionen an die Kundschaft zurückgibt

11.01.2024 /Schwärzler Rechtsanwälte

Retrocessions: June 1, 2023, as a  Turning Point for Liechtenstein´s Financial Center?

29.11.2023 /Schwärzler Rechtsanwälte

ESA examines conformity of new Limitation Rule regarding Retrocessions (§ 1489a para. 2 GCC) with European law - Questionnaire addressed to the Liechtenstein Government published

05.11.2023 /PCD Group

An interview with Liti-Link

30.10.2023 /Centre de droit bancaire et financier

Rétrocessions et execution only : La saga du Handelsgericht continue

16.10.2023 /Financial Times

How a couple lost a fortune in an alleged Swiss banking fraud

24.03.2023 /Trust Quarterly Review

The retro effect

28.06.2022 /

פתחם חשבון בבנק שוויצרי? יש סיכוי טוב שקרעו אתכם


23.06.2022 /Jersualem Post

Everything you need to know when opening a bank account in Switzerland 

25.05.2022 / - 25.05.2022

חברת ליטי לינק השוויצרית מתחילה לפעול בישראל

24.05.2022 / - 24.05.2022

חברת ליטי לינק השוויצרית מתחילה לפעול בישראל

24.05.2022 / - 24.05.2022

מחזיקים חשבון בשוויץ? ליטי לינק בישראל

21.04.2022 /eprivateclient - 21.04.2022

The ticking time bomb facing fiduciaries

08.03.2021 /BusinessDay

Kickbacks: your Swiss bank may owe your money

04.11.2020 /e-private-client

New development on Swiss Retrocession claims

26.09.2020 /Habertürk

Türklerin İsviçre bankalarından alacağı var ama haberleri yok

20.08.2020 /US Tax & Financial Services

Retrocessions: Does your Swiss bank owe you money?

20.07.2020 /

New Federal Supreme Court ruling on the requirements for a waiver of retrocession claims

22.07.2020 /We-Wealth

Svizzera: recupero di retrocessioni da banche e asset manager

03.07.2020 /Canadian Accountant

Do Swiss banks owe your accounting clients money?

14.10.2020 /Ekonomist Turkey

İsviçre’de 2010-2013’te fon alanlar için iade hakkı

11.06.2020 /Jerusalem Post

How to turn the tables on the Swiss banks – opinion

04.06.2020 /PamInsight

Swiss Retrocessions - A personal perspective

03.06.2020 /e private client

Why are UK financial groups not telling clients about the ability to claim back Swiss Retrocession fees?

11.05.2020 /The Marker

הבנקים בשווייץ "החרישו" עמלות - וגם ללקוחות ישראלים מגיעים החזרים

28.04.2020 /Mieux vivre votre argent

Les banques suisses rechignent à reverser à leurs clients les rétrocessions perçues

20.02.2020 /Daily Mail

Auditors block clients from reclaiming money from Swiss banks because they don't wan't to lose contracts

29.01.2020 /El Cronista

Ahorristas argentinos con plata en Suiza reclaman por el cobro de comisiones ilegales

09.12.2019 /Daily Mail

Swiss banking scandal could see UK taxman miss out on billions

09.12.2019 /

More than £4bn still owed to UK investors who have money in Swiss banks

08.11.2019 /The Sun

SWISS SWIZZ - UBS and Credit Suisse owe up to 200,000 Brits compensation – are you owed thousands?

11.09.2019 /Litigation Finance Journal

Litigation Funder Looking to Purchase £3B Worth of Swiss Bank Claims

10.09.2019 /Daily Mail

Britons who hold savings in Swiss bank accounts could be due refunds worth £3bn

01.09.2019 /The Telegraph

Are British investors missing out on their share of a £5bn Swiss banks scandal?

30.06.2019 /Financial Times

Clock ticks for investors to reclaim SFr15bn of Swiss commissions

04.12.2018 /Lalive

Update on retrocessions under Swiss law: risk of criminal liability for asset managers failing to report retrocessions to clients

03.07.2017 /Nzz

The judgement (4A_508/2016) delivered by the Swiss Federal Supreme Court on 16. June 2017 clarifies the statutory limitation of retrocessions.

Liti-Link stops the limitation period, assesses the claim and asserts the claim against Swiss banks and asset management companies without delay.

Lawyer Bernd Jochem
02.01.2017 /Schwärzler Attorneys at Law

"Kickbacks and the resulting claims against Swiss asset managers - Liability of Liechtenstein entities for omission of assertion of claims."

Liti-Link is an experienced investor protection company and offers a truly innovative product in the interest of investors.

Lawyer Klaus Rotter

Liti-Link assumes the assertion of your justified claims. Easy and without any costs for you!

CEO Hubert Schwärzler

Straightforward and uncomplicated, Retroback is an online product which suits me perfectly. My data are secure, the whole procedure is very streamlined and the input of the information required was completed within minutes.

Client Liti-Link

It is of course a real plus point that there are no great legal fees due when using Liti-Link. An equally decisive aspect for me was that there was no risk of costs arising in the recovery of my financial claim against my bank in Switzerland.

Client Liti-Link

At first I was skeptical - but Liti-Link assisted me in recovering our legitimate claims against a large Swiss bank with little effort, quickly and successfully. It convinced me.

Client Liti-Link

I was able to recover a large part of the commission fees unlawfully withheld over many years by my bank in Zurich, thanks to Liti-Link. The whole process, including the cession of my claim to Liti-Link, was very straightforward.

Client Liti-Link
01.11.2010 /STEP Journal

Retrocessions and undisclosed payments in Swiss asset management.

03.08.2009 /Private Wealth Management

"Retrocessions in Switzerland"