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Retroback works as follows

Enforce your retrocessions simply and without risk of costs

Only a few steps and Liti-Link is able to interrupt the statutory limitation and begin with securing your claims.

Swiss asset management companies, banks and financial service providers are legally obliged to repay retrocessions unlawfully charged and withheld from the investor during the last ten years (limitation period). The actual claim is examined without charge by using the online mandate and cession of the claim to Liti-Link, the statutory limitation is stopped and your claim asserted.

Retroback™ works as simply as follows

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Examination of the claim and mandating Liti-Link AG

As a first step we require your data which can be quite conveniently transmitted to us using an online form (time needed: 5 minutes).

Data security guaranteed:

The security of your data is top priority and is protected by InfoGuard - the Swiss experts for comprehensive cyber security.

After transmitting the data you receive a document from us with a power of attorney and session declaration by post.

As soon as we receive the signed documents, Liti-Link begins with the examination and determination of your claims. Completely without risk of costs for you!


Immediate interruption of the statutory limitation period

Liti-Link then does its utmost to achieve the interruption of the statutory limitation period within 3 working days. Your claims then are no longer subject to expiry of the statutory limitation and we begin with the enforcement of your claims.


Determination of the exact amount of the claim

Liti-Link submits an application for information to the asset management company with a 4 week time limit. As soon as the amount of the claim is determined, the enforcement of the claim begins.


Pursuit of your claims

Liti-Link begins the enforcement of your claims and demands the complete repayment of the retrocessions withheld.

The following scenario is possible:

Payment of retrocessions by the asset management company - without any further action.

Assessment of a possible settlement offer by the asset management company.

Assertion of the claim in legal proceedings. Liti-Link mandates a legal representative with the enforcement of the claims. The risk of legal costs is borne by Liti-Link.


Payment of the claims

Your secured claims are paid. The account with Liti-Link can now be settled as a result of the successful completion on the basis of the agreed share in the compensation.

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