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Retroback works as follows

Assert your claims easily and without any cost risk and have retrocessions reclaimed by the market leader

Just a few steps and Liti-Link can start securing your claims.

The retrocessions wrongly collected by Swiss banks and asset managers can be claimed back by investors for the last ten years.

Liti-Link is the market leader in the reclaiming of retrocessions and has already successfully reclaimed retrocessions for numerous institutional and private investors using its proven profit-sharing model. We know the legal situation better than anyone else, we know what arguments the banks and asset managers use and how they continue to try to avoid paying out the withheld retrocessions. Liti-Link has an experienced team, a broad partner network of lawyers and will be happy to support you in reclaiming retrocessions. The advantage for investors: Liti-Link bears 100% of the cost risk. Only if we successfully reclaim your retrocessions will we receive our profit share.

Retroback™ works as simply as follows

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Examination of the claim and mandating Liti-Link

As a first step we require your data which can be quite conveniently transmitted to us using an online form (time needed: 5 minutes).

Data security guaranteed:

Liti-Link uses standardised and certified IT processes that are lean, digital and secure while guaranteeing complete confidentiality at all times. The security of your data is of utmost importance.

After transmitting the data you receive our contract documents by e-mail. These include the “Agreement" (pages 1-2) between you and Liti-Link itself as well as an"Assignment agreement" (page 3) and "Power of attorney" (page 4).

As soon as we receive the signed contract documents, Liti-Link begins with the examination and determination of your claims. Completely without risk of costs for you!



Immediate interruption of the statutory limitation period in Switzerland

Liti-Link interrupts the limitation of your claims in Switzerland within 3 working days. Your claims then are no longer subject to expiry of the statutory limitation and we begin with the enforcement of your claims.


Determination of the exact amount of the claim

Liti-Link submits an application for information to your financial services provider. Once we receive a full disclosure, Liti-Link will start the claim process. If no retrocessions have been withheld by your financial service provider, Liti-Link will complete the recovery process. There are no costs for you!


Pursuit of your claims

Liti-Link begins the enforcement of your claims and demands the complete repayment of the retrocessions withheld.

The following scenario is possible:

Payment of retrocessions by the financial services provider - without any further action.

Assessment of a possible settlement offer by the financial services provider.

Assertion of the claim in legal proceedings. Liti-Link will file a lawsuit itself or mandates a legal representative with the enforcement of the claims. The risk of legal costs is borne by Liti-Link.


Payment of the retrocessions

Your secured claims are paid out. After deduction of third-party costs (e.g. postal fees, operating fees, costs for legal representation), your claims are paid out and Liti-Link receives the contractually agreed success fee.

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