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With Retro-Back to the successful repayment of retrocessions

According to recent studies, Swiss banks manage a total of around CHF 7.9 trillion in assets, whereby approximately 46% of the total amount is attributable to private clients in Switzerland and abroad and the remaining 54% is held by companies and institutional clients. This makes Switzerland one of the world's leading financial centres and, with a market share of around 25%, it can maintain its position as the most important financial centre for cross-border wealth management (cf. Bank Barometer of the Bankers Association).

While the aggregate business success of banks in Switzerland continues to rise, a study by Finalix AG shows that Swiss banks collected around CHF 4.2 billion in retrocessions in 2012 alone. This represents about 12.4% of the value added in the Swiss banking sector.

Despite several Swiss Federal Court rulings, whereby it was already established in the ruling BGE 4C_432 from 2006 that retrocessions are in principle due to the investors and the low willingness of the Swiss financial institutions to repay the collected retrocessions to their clients, huge sums in favour of the banks become time-barred every day.

These figures show the importance of retrocessions on Swiss banks and asset managers, and also explain why they are reluctant to pay back the money they have collected. According to our clients' reports, it is almost impossible to reclaim retrocessions on your own and if successful, the settlement will be very low with no interest added.

With its Retro-Back product, Liti-Link offers an easy, fast and customer-oriented service. By assigning Liti-Link, our clients can benefit from Liti-Link's know-how and experience without any financial risk. Once your claims have been assigned, Liti-Link will begin the recovery process. Only in the event of a successful recovery of the retrocessions will Liti-Link receive a success fee.

Liti-Link also offers investors in Liechtenstein the successful model that has been proven a hundred times over in Switzerland: Risk-free recovery based purely on success fee. The broad experience from Switzerland can be transferred to its small neighbour. Liti-Link has already successfully reclaimed retrocessions from Liechtenstein asset managers many times in the past.

Why should I assign my claims to Liti-Link and instruct them to claim the retrocessions?

  • Liti-Link has been successfully recovering retrocessions for its clients since May 2017.
  • Liti-Link has already assisted more than 1500 institutional and private investors from all over the world in reclaiming retrocessions.
  • Liti-Link is familiar with the arguments of the banks and asset managers and examines whether the waiver argued by the banks and asset managers is in line with the applicable case law.
  • Liti-Link examines all documents for you (custody account regulations, general terms and conditions, etc.) and asserts the claims.
  • Liti-Link is the market leader in the recovery of retrocessions and bears 100% of the cost risk.
  • Liti-Link is a pioneer in the recovery of retrocessions and contributes to a transparent and investor-friendly jurisdiction in Switzerland and Liechtenstein.
  • Liti-Link can act in its own name and at its own risk as a result of the assignment of the claims. The claims can therefore be asserted from Switzerland and you do not incur any risk.
  • Only in the case of a successful reclaim of the unlawfully retained retrocessions will Liti-Link receive a success fee. If no retrocessions can be reclaimed in your case, Liti-Link will bear the costs incurred. You will not incur any costs in the event of an unsuccessful outcome.
  • Liti-Link will stop the statute of limitations in Switzerland within 3 working days after receipt of the complete contract documents.
  • Liti-Link serves investors who have existing and balanced business relationships with Swiss or Liechtenstein banks and asset managers.
A decisive aspect for me was that there was no risk of costs arising in the course of the recovering my financial claim against my bank in Switzerland.
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