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Retro-Back to the successful assertion of financial claims

Experts estimate that substantially more than 100 billion Euros of untaxed investment funds - alone from Germany - are or were deposited in Switzerland and the banks and financial service providers located there have unlawfully withheld several billion Euros in retrocessions.

The lack of willingness by Swiss financial institutes to voluntarily repay commission fees to clients in Germany and other countries and the low number of clients reclaiming their funds has resulted in the German tax authorities missing out on considerable additional tax income over many years, as the investors have only been taxed on assets declared retrospectively and not the retrocessions that are still held in Switzerland.


Liti-Link stops the limitation period and assert my right to the claims without delay

The legal position in Switzerland is clear. The legal basis for the recovery of commission fees was clearly regulated by the basic legal principle of the Swiss Federal Supreme Court in 2012 (4A_127/2012. 4A_141/2012):

  • Withholding retrocessions is prohibited.
  • Any investor who invested money in Switzerland during the last 10 years (limitation period) has a claim to the recovery of the withheld commission fees. We estimate the chances of success to be very high.

Only when a claim successfully recovers a share in the proceeds were entitled

The financial risk of a lawsuit is borne by Liti-Link alone. Any share of a successful recovery is only then relevant when the claim is successfully asserted and depends materially on the amount of recovery obtained. After deduction of the fees and external expenses, a 40% share of the recovery is due to Liti-Link.

A decisive aspect for me was that there was no risk of costs arising in the course of the recovering my financial claim against my bank in Switzerland.
Customer Liti-Link

The advantage for investors

  • No risk of costs or high legal fees are incurred in Switzerland in the first place.
  • In the case of customary retrocessions of 0.5-1.0 percent per year - depending on the institute possibly more - a custody account of for example 1.0 million Euros results in a potential recovery of 50,000 to 100,000 Euros over ten years, plus interest, or 10,000 to 20,000 Euros for a custody account of 200,000 Euros.