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Litigation funding

What is litigation funding?

Civil proceedings can last years and are frequently very costly. Litigation financing is an opportunity for plaintiffs who are in the right to assert their rights.

Litigation finance, an established method in the German speaking legal area, enables mandates and lawyers to assert legitimate claims notwithstanding high legal costs and without risk of own personal costs.

Many plaintiffs fear asserting their claims, especially when opponents appear all-powerful, long legal proceedings are likely and high legal costs may arise. Litigation financing is a tried and tested means for plaintiffs to obtain a fair legal hearing and the potential to assert it.

Which financing areas are settled by Liti-Link AG?

Liti-Link AG acts in cases of civil claims which are to be asserted within the framework of national and international courts and arbitration proceedings.

What requirements need to be fulfilled for the finance of litigation costs?

A case is examined without charge wherever there is money involved. This determines whether the costs of your legal proceedings require financing. We finance both out of court and in-court proceedings through the first or more instances in Switzerland and in German speaking countries as well as national and international arbitration proceedings. The following requirements need to be fulfilled:

  • Claims for payment or rights to various assets amounting to a litigation value of at least 100,000 Swiss Francs, Euros or US Dollars.
  • Your lawyer has examined the facts of the case and advises you to start legal proceedings as there are good chances of success and your claims are enforceable.
  • The respondents have sufficient creditworthiness.

Which costs are covered?

  • Lawyer’s fees (the costs of your own lawyer as well as costs incurred by the opposing counsel)
  • Court costs
  • Costs for witnesses and expert appraisals
  • Costs for provision of security and deposits

What requirements need to be fulfilled for the finance of litigation costs?

Any share of a successful recovery is only then relevant when the claim is successfully asserted and depends materially on the amount of recovery obtained. After deduction of the fees and external expenses, a share of 40% of the net proceeds of the recovery is due to Liti-Link. This is directly set off against the repayment by the debtor. Liti-Link therefore guarantees that clients are at no time required to provide advance payments.