Swiss Retrocessions - A personal perspective - Liti-Link AG
04.06.2020 / PamInsight

PamInsight - 04.06.2020

Swiss Retrocessions - A personal perspective

One of our former clients wrote an anonymous report on his and his family's experience with Liti-Link in the claim for retrocessions. It's good to know, he felt in good hands as we delivered our service as promised.

"My family was claiming on around 12 accounts at five different banks - a mixture of trusts and individual accounts. The trusts required more paperwork on my side but nothing further was required on the individual accounts. These claims are now being settled. On my personal account there were no Retrocessions (option dealing carried no kickbacks) – I was not charged anything. But other accounts where hedge funds and structured products were involved have seen high retrocessions being found in some cases up to three percent of account value."

Read the full report under this link.